SkinAssure Bakuchiol Oil

SkinAssure had a couple red flags for us upon our initial examination of the brand. First, the ingredient list is fairly vague. In todays marketplace where consumers want transparency, SkinAssure does little to assuage our concerns. Secondly, the product only has 0.5 fl oz in each bottle, so it doesn’t come cheap. All that being said, consumers are willing to purchase this oil and we wanted to learn more about the brand.

The benefits of Bakuchiol are typically pretty amazing. While the label information didn’t provide us any insight to the formula, it seems Skin Assure offers additional moisturizers along side of the bakuchiol. Based upon the limited reviews we found on this brand, it seems consumers are pleased with it.

Readers should not assume that Skin Assure is a Top Bakuchiol Choice, but its far from the worst. This oil seems to remain on the surface of the skin, which means most of the cell renewal benefits will be left unrealized. Nothing overly special about this formula or its oil.

To our readers, we recommend you spend your money on a brand that offers more transparency or a better overall value.