Scar Magic

Scar Magic is not the most easily recognizable brand, however its formula is similar to many over the counter scar creams. Consumers of all ages have turned to Scar Magic looking to find relief, according to reports, some have been successful. The formula is primarily based upon Onion Extract, which is seen in many of the scar treatments you have probably already tried. Onion Extract is designed to work on discoloration and will not work on Keloid or Bumpy Scars.

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Many consumers purchase their scar relief creams online in todays day and age. While some still prefer stores, the market trends have certainly shifted. This allows brands like Scar Magic to have greater reach than they otherwise would. The price is moderate, but according to consumer opinion, the results are less than spectacular. Depending on your type of scar and desire, you may want to consider something a bit stronger, or more complete in its approach.

Consumers shopping for a Scar Cream and are considering Scar Magic should read over the consumer reviews on this site and others like it to gather more information. Reviews can provide insight that guide to smart buying choices. Read our Editors Scar Cream Comparison Chart to Compare and Contrast leading brands.