Rejuvenista Skin Niacinamide

3% concentration is what the Rejuvenista brand offers in their serum. 3% is lower than the dosage used in the clinical studies of Niacinamide. For these reasons we were concerned that the product wouldn’t compare well to those products with a scientifically supported formula. However, for purposes of comparison, we thought it important to include multiple concentrations and formulas to give a more complete picture of the marketplace.

If there was a highlight to this formula it was their use of amino peptides along with the Niacinamide. Both ingredients are responsible for collagen production and cell renewal. Combining the two ingredients makes perfect sense and we were excited to give it a try.

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Generally speaking, consumers were satisfied with Rejuvenista Skin. They had complaints regarding its use for acne treatment and for the treatment of wrinkles. The reported healthy skin texture and some benefits for hyperpigmentation. Overall, the concentration is low, and there are better options on the market.