Rejuvenista Bakuchiol Serum

Rejuvenista is a brand with slightly better than average formulas.  In our opinion, the manufacture does a decent job of supporting Bakuchiol with other active ingredients. The nature of bakuchiol allows formulas to be more aggressive. Results driven people are drawn to serums like this one.

By combining the Bakuchiol with peptides they are able to double up the cell turnover and renewal processes. Rejuvenista Bakuchiol Serum uses Amino Peptides, which are nice. Copper peptides would have been better, but seeing peptides in the formula is significantly better than not seeing them included at all.

Editors were disappointed upon learning that the concentrations of the active ingredients included in this serum are too low to make visible changes to the skin. Rejuvenista marketing campaigns flaunts the ingredients but apparently are too cheap to include a concentrated enough dose to make real, visible change.

Rejuvenista was a strong candidate that fell short on results. Keep looking around, there are more effective options out there with higher concentrated active ingredients.