Phenomenon Dermal Filler

Phenomenon Review and Consumer Overview

The Phenomenon Dermal Filler is a topical dermal filler meant to replace injectables and your typical wrinkle creams. The product uses the combination of hyaluronic acid and a cosmetic light refracting ingredient to mask shadows, which is designed to make wrinkle less visible to the eye.

Phenomenon is a twice daily topical dermal filler, and while predominantly designed for rapid effect, the formula does support long term anti aging health. The ingredients themselves focus on wrinkles, creases and fine lines. Phenomenon seems to be popular among its users, which is typically a positive sign.

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Phenomenon Dermal Filler can be purchased at the manufacturers website Each Bottle sells for $119.99 or 2 can be purchased for $149.98. The product should last somewhere between 30 and 45 days depending on how often you apply the product. We consider Phenomenon to be a solid choice and we believe that you will be pleased with its use.