Our Clay Mask Opinion for 2021

The Top Clay Masks Reviewed

Clay Mask are fantastic for Acne Breakouts, Anti  Aging Remedies as well as to Detoxify / Purify your skin.  Consumers want a product that works well without breaking the bank. Regular use of clay masques can provide any number of benefits for your skin, depending on your specific situation. Provided that you are using a quality product.  

The price is always but do not let  the prevent you from investigating a product that you believe to be effective.  There are other factors that can reduce the price of clay masques.  Multiple bottle orders and promotions can significantly reduce the overall cost to you.  Start by identifying the  products you believe are Best for your particular situation and then decide which is the best value.

Below you will find our Top 3 Clay Masks, which we believe give you the best chance to achieve the results you desire.  These recommendations are hand selected for our readers, so that they may compare and decide which brand is best for them.

Competition Compared

We have Compared the leading brands, examined the Consumer Reviews, and our Editors have named their Top Choice

Value Established

Identifying Top Performing Products is only one aspect of our research. Our Choice Represents the Best Overall Value

Results Delivered

Our Editors believe that each brand recommended provides our Readers with the Best Opportunity to Achieve Results.

Our #1 Choice Clay Masque

Skinpeutics Glacial Clay Purifying Masque Is the Winner

When we compare the Best Clay Masks we consider how SATISFIED the product will make a consumer. For our purposes, the important factors in a Clay Mask are:

  • Results / Performance 
  • Ingredients
  • Overall Quality 
  • Overall Satisfaction

The Skinpeutics Glacial Clay Purifying Masque was clearly the Best mask we reviewed.  Our Editor's were impressed by the comprehensive nature of the formula.  Naturally, it all starts with a high quality clay.  Glacial Clay brings a unique set of benefits that many other clays do not, but Skinpeutics wasn't satisfied leaving it there.  This mask includes high value botanicals clinically proven to nourish and further benefit your skin.  

Skinpeutic's Clients are un-characteristically loyal and with attention to detail like this we understand why.  Quality Ingredients Make the Difference, which is why We have Chosen Skinpeutics as the Best Clay Masque on the Market Today!

The mask Deeply Cleanses, Removing Toxins and Impurities.  It Calms Inflammation and redness.  Users report Improved Circulation, Even Skin Tone and a Restored Luster and Vibrance.  The nutrient rich support provided by Glacial Clay leaves your skin soft, clean and looking its best.  Full Review

For our readers we have arranged a discount of $10 OFF.  To Redeem click this link.


#2 (Second Place) Mask

The Natural Clay brand is another indie skincare brand for sale on the internet. Consumers want to know whether or not this clay mask is the right choice for them.   

Natural Clay products  are sold predominantly online, although some consumers report buying them from retail locations.  The cost is roughly average and delivery times seem reasonable.

One negative worth mentioning is the lack of supporting ingredients.  They missed the opportunity to enhance or boost the clay with additional botanicals. In other words it doesn't work on all skin types equally. 

#3 (Third Place) Formula

Clay Clay Baby is another clay mask we enjoyed while we reviewed it.  Aside from the odd name, this clay mask was well received by users.  Note for sensitive skin types, there are a host of exfoliating ingredients in this product which may make it too harsh for sensitive skin.  

While you cannot purchase the Clay Clay Baby formulas in retail stores, it is available online.  Overall it is a moderately priced product, it is well balanced and  will deliver limited results.  

Additional supporting ingredients are recommended to make this mask more competitive with the likes of our top choice clay mask.


Best Ingredients to  Include in a Clay Mask

Glacial Clay

This rare clay is found in a Remote Region of Coastal British Columbia where the glaciers melted thousands of years ago. The clay is a marine clay so not only is it enriched with beneficial earth elements, it contains marine actives and micronutrients that leave your skin looking and feeling its best. Glacial Clay removes dry, dead skin cells and eliminates bacteria and other impurities from your skin. It rehydrates your skin, replenishes beneficial minerals and elements designed to Protect and Renew your skin.

Green Tea

Many have heard of the benefits of green tea before. This "wonder" ingredient plays a crucial role in many bodily processes. It blocs inflammation within the skin, it soothes acne breakouts and protects the skin from Free Radicals, which prevents aging skin. Green Tea will also rejuvenate skin cells, which leaves your skin looking younger and more health each day.

Olive Leaf Extract

The olive contains many amazing healing properties, but none as effective as its ability to eliminate damaging toxins, improve circulation and block free radicals and damaging bacteria. This extract will rid your skin of these precursors to aging skin and leave you with stress free, glowing, healthy looking skin.


Chamomile is well known for its ability to sooth inflammation and calm irritated skin. But Chamomile is also an antiseptic / antibacterial treatment as well. It will work to eliminate acne causing bacteria, while calming your skin and giving you complexion you are looking for. Chamomile is also known for its ability to detoxify the skin and remove unwanted impurities.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Aloe Vera is well known for its soothing properties, which heal sunburn and other irritations to the skin. But Aloe Vera also treats acne as well as fight the aging process. Aloe moisturizes the skin as well as promotes wound healing and eliminates redness. This makes eliminating those pimples a breeze. It's all natural properties also improves the firmness and elasticity of your skin, providing your skin the added boost it needs to look its best.

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