MotherSkin Niacinamide

While fairly new to the marketplace, MotherSkin offers a variety of oils for consumers to pick and choose from. Consumers who like choosing oils based upon the ingredient list have give this brand positive reviews. We included MotherSkin in our list of brands to consider, and this is what we discovered.

The MotherSkin Oil has a straight forward formula, containing Niacinamide and nothing else. Our editors found the lack of carrier oils (oils that help penetrate the skin) concerning, especially considering the product contains a lower concentration than is proven effective by the clinical studies. It may seem logical that if you used the product regularly for a long enough time period, you might seem results, but there is no actual evidence to support that theory.

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Niacinamide typically does not cause irritation and is a well balanced ingredient. In other words there is no particular advantage to the low concentration of the MotherSkin Oil. For our readers, seek out a product that contains the proper concentration supported by science if you want results.